Use procedures

use procedures

Laboratory equipment operated by 4 Universities Nano/Micro Fabrication Consortium are available for commercial use. Equipment use procedures and policies are listed below.


First consult our technical advisors about your research plan or fabrication procedure. We will do our best to advise you on how to achieve your goals in the most efficient way. Consultation is free of charge.

Cleanroom access and use application

User will be asked to submit a formal application to use specific equipment. Application form can be found here. Please fill it in and send it to the following email address.

Safety training program

Completing the safety training program is obligatory in order to use NANOBIC Open Lab equipment. After completing this training, we will issue your ID card that will allow you to use our equipment booking system.

Equipment reservation

After receiving ID card and password, user can make a use of online equipment reservation system. If you do not have a user ID and password, our administrative staff will assist you with reserving the machines.

Equipment use

User can reserve any machine that is available at the time. User will be given instructions  by member of our technical team on how to operate desired machine. Please note that all fabrication processes and analysis should be carried by the user.

Billing and payment

The invoice will be issued at the end of the month. Once the fee is confirmed and accepted by the user, the invoice should be paid within the time specified in the payment terms.

Equipment Reservation System