Offering the cutting-edge nano- and micro-scale lab equipment.

The Global Nano Micro Technology Business Incubation Center (NANOBIC) is a joint research facility known as a “Shin-Kawasaki Sozo-no-Mori” program and is operated by industry, academia, and government to explore the nano and microscale fabrication methods that will serve as core technologies in next-generation manufacturing. NANOBIC provides a large clean room with an area of approximately 750 square meters in which nano- and microscale fabrication, prototyping, measurement, and analyzis can be performed. Research activities are carried out by the 4 Universities Nano/Micro Fabrication Consortium (consisting of Keio University, Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and the University of Tokyo) as well as various companies that are active in nano/micro technologies. NANOBIC cleanroom is equipped with more than 35 state-of-the-art fabrication, prototyping, measurement, and imaging devices that are also available for public for commercial pay-per-use.


NANOBIC is a nano/micro scale technology advanced research and development facility operating a large clean room. See a photo gallery of all our facilities.

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We offer cutting-edge instruments for processes like deposition, transcription, etching, analysis, imaging, measurements and more. See a complete list of our available equipment.

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Use procedures

Laboratory equipment operated by 4 Universities Nano/Micro Fabrication Consortium are available for commercial use. Check here our equipment use policies and procedures.

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Special offer

Some of our equipment is now offered at a special price. You can make use of our ultra-high-precision electron beam lithography system, super-resolution laser microscope based on 2014 Nobel Prize STED principle, and our high precision ion beam processing amd imaging device. If you have any questions concerning devices, booking or use procedures, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our special offer will be valid from May to August 2015.

1 Ultra-high-precision electron beam lithography system (Elionix: ELS-7800K)
Regular fee: 15,200/hour → Special price: 5,000/hour

2  Super-resolution laser microscope (Leica Microsystems: STED-CW)
Regular fee: 5,400/hour → Special price: 1,800/hour

3  High precision focused ion beam processing and imaging system (Hitachi High-Technologies: FB-2200)
Regular fee: 20,600/hour → Special price: 6.800/hour

Equipment Reservation System

Equipment Reservation System


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